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 Let me serve you and give you photos that will last you a lifetime.

I care about you. Your unique love story, your fears and anxieties, your special family dynamics (we all have them!), and so much more. I care that you get a dang good wedding photographer who will give you photos that will let you relive your day, but an experience that will leave you gushing! I care about so much more beyond the photos.

If you want a photographer who will be there to serve you, who will capture all the beautiful moments of your wedding day, who will get down with you on the dance floor (please request Low by Flo Rida for me), and who will do it all with a HUGE smile on their face- I’m your girl.

*You can expect a response within 1 hour of inquiring*

If you haven’t already, I highly recommend reading all about the experience I provide for my couples. You can read all about it here!