Grand Canyon National Park Hiking Bridal Session // adventure elopement photographer

Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona

Caitlyn Jennings Photo- Adventurous Wedding Photographer

Riley & Kevin’s Adventurous Bridal session in Grand Canyon National Park | Grand Canyon Bridal Session | Wedding Portraits at Grand Canyon | Hiking Wedding Inspiration | Adventure Elopement Photographer |


grand canyon elopement
grand canyon elopement

Ohhhhh man. I have been so stoked to share this session since the minute we started on our hike going sub-rim into the beautiful Grand Canyon National Park! Meet Riley and Kevin- two of the absolute SWEETEST and adventurous people that I have ever met! My husband and I met them a couple of years ago at a bonfire and hit it off from the start! These two endlessly inspire me to love and serve those around me, while also having such a love for life and adventure. When they asked me to shoot their wedding and their adventurous bridal session in the Grand Canyon of course I said HECK YES.

Let me give you a backstory! Riley and Kevin will be officially say their “I Do’s” in Colorado Springs with all of their closest friends and family this spring. Well if you know these two, you know that they spend any of their free time exploring the Grand Canyon. They both have such a deep love for canyon- a kind that words cannot describe! It’s the place they spend hours upon hours hiking in, rappelling into frigid waters, and sleeping underneath the dark skies. It’s also the place that Kevin planned an epic proposal and Riley said HECK YES to. The canyon is their second home, so they knew that they had to get photos done in their wedding attire in nature’s cathedral.

Here's a little secret of mine- I had never been sub-rim into the Grand Canyon before! Yep, I am an Arizona native born and raised, but I had never stepped foot descending into the canyon! I have a major fear of heights and some weak hips (thanks to dancing for many years!) so to say that I was a wee bit nervous for this trip was an understatement! Luckily, Riley and Kevin listened and heard all of my worries and assured me that they didn’t mind going a little slow!

All 11 miles of this adventure was SO. FREAKING. WORTH. IT! You truly descend into a whole different world once you go into the canyon. You see all of the magical plants that thrive in such a unique climate. You see birds, including the California Condor which is Kevin’s favorite (he even has a tattoo of it!), gliding in the wind. Throughout this day long adventure I feel like I got to know Riley and Kevin on a much deeper level. We talked about all of our hopes, dreams, and plans for the future. Their plans include traveling around the country living in a travel trailer going on epic adventures for a few months- cool right!?

We made it to the spot that Riley and Kevin had dreamed of taking photos and ate some PB&J’S, carrots and hummus, and sour patch kids- the best lunch after hiking 5.5 miles! They changed into their wedding attire and it was time for them to share their first look- can we please just talk about Kevin’s ADORABLE reaction!! Ugh it melted my heart! We spent the next couple of hours hiking around, and most importantly taking in the stunning views. In true Riley and Kevin fashion they kept on their hiking sandals and definitely wanted photos with all of their hiking gear. These pretty much fulfilled all of my hiking wedding inspiration dreams!!

I truly think that the photos speak for themselves in regards to this entire experience. It was the happiest, funnest, and seriously most beautiful adventure ever. I am SO happy that I were able to capture such an special place for these two. I have an even greater appreciate for this canyon, ESPECIALLY after the hike coming back up. Riley has a statement that pretty much sums up the entire uphill experience- “You have to pay back the Grand Canyon what she gave to you”. My legs definitely paid her back!! It was so freaking worth it though.

I cannot wait to spend an epic wedding weekend with these two in Colorado Springs this month! It may or may not include camping at the venue the day before ;) Riley and Kevin- you guys are so freaking special to me and your love inspires me endlessly!! Cannot WAIT for your wedding day!!

Caitlyn Jennings