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I’m Caitlyn Jennings and I am a full time wedding photographer based in sunny Arizona! Not only am I living my dream job of being a wedding photographer, but I am a:

wife, daughter, sister, friend, aunt. lover of dogs, adventures, trees, flowers, the ocean, fruit, early 2000s r&b, rainy days, autumn, the color green and adventurous love.

I often travel all over the southwest, but the nomad in me is always down for another adventure.


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 My Philosophy


We all have a story.

Growing up I always loved books. I loved being able to dive into a fictional novel when life outside the pages wasn’t as thrilling. Page by page, learning about the quirky personality traits of each character, the intricate details of each setting, the interactions and feelings between each of the characters.

At this point you are probably wondering what the heck this has to do with photography, right? Well, to me, each wedding that I photograph, I see as a story. It is my job as the storyteller to capture the little moments, the big moments, and everything in between. I want to capture the raw moments that words cannot even accurately describe. I want to capture the deep and intense feelings felt not only by you, but everyone in attendance. Your wedding gallery is so. much. more. than just another photo gallery. It’s the album that you are going to pull up on late nights when you can’t sleep, but your partner is snoring right beside you. It’s the album that you are going to have framed in every single one of your houses that you two buy throughout your lifetimes. It’s the album you pull up when you need a reminder of all of the feelings you felt before you vowed to forever. The album you pull out to show your grandkids when you are old and grey, but still ridiculously in love.

let me tell your story & capture the most important day of your life.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Question: How soon can I expect to receive my gallery?

Answer: You can expect your wedding gallery within two months of your wedding date. You will receive a preview with one week of your wedding to hold you over until I am done with your full gallery! Engagement/adventure sessions can be expected within three weeks of your session date!

  • Question:Do you give out RAW (unedited) images?

Answer: No, I do not release the RAW images. You will only receive your hand-crafted images.

  • Question: Can I save money by removing the bridal/engagement session that is in a few packages

Answer: No, this is strictly complimentary, meaning that it is a gift from me and it will not save you money if you choose to not use it. I have it included so you can get to know me and my style, and so I can get to know you and your babe!!

  • Question: Do you accept gratuity?

Answer: Absolutely!! You have no idea how much I appreciate it. It let’s me know that you loved your experience and my work!

  • Question: Do you travel?

Answer: HECK YES!! I seriously love traveling, and I’d love to explore with you and your babe! I am a total budget traveler, and all that I require is a roundtrip ticket and a place to sleep for 2 days. Let’s plan something rad!! Check out my travel schedule below to see where I’m heading and where I wanna go!

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upcoming travel.

Moab, UT

Big Sur, CA

Colorado Springs, CO

Cannon Beach, OR

Seattle, WA

Temecula, CA

Joshua Tree, CA

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

desired travel.

Yosemite, CA

Destin, Florida

New Zealand





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