The Experience


What You Can Expect When You Choose Me.


 I’m easy going and easy to get along with.

You’re gonna be spending your entire wedding day with me so I like to build up a friendship beforehand so I don’t feel like a stranger. I’m super laid back and get along with pretty much anybody- I usually end up becoming bffs with grandmas and nieces and nephews. My goal is to make you as comfortable with me as possible so I can capture your real love! I do this by playing some of your favorite music during your portrait session- gotta set the mood! I give you some fun prompts to help you loosen up and then once you guys are comfortable we can get into the more romantic stuff. I go beyond just getting along with you. I’ll be ready to be on the dance floor with you all night long. I’ll be the one tearing up with your mom during the father daughter dance. I’m a real dang person, and I believe that that helps me to capture your beautiful love.



 I’m organized and punctual- you won’t have to wait on me!

I use an awesome business system that makes thing simple for the both of us!! Heck yeah! I send my contracts and invoices through the same online system so you won’t have to wonder where they are. I send my galleries through a convenient online gallery system that you can share with everybody and their mom so they can download their favorites from the day! On top of that, I respond to emails and text messages within one hour. It’s not my job to slow you down while you’re wedding planning!! I absolutely love to coordinate with your other vendors to make sure we are all on the same page for your wedding day so everything can go smoothly.



 I believe that love is freaking love.

I support all kinds of love and kinds of couples. I am huge ally for the LGBTQIA+ community, and I will never ever turn you away. I proudly photograph couples of all different shapes, sizes, colors, and genders. I proudly DON’T shoot racist, sexist, and homophobic individuals. Don’t worry if you don’t look like that perfect instagram famous couple- I don’t either.



 I want to capture the day exactly how you’ll always want to remember it.

Whether your having an elegant wedding with 200 of your best friends and family or hiking 2 miles for an intimate elopement in the mountains, I want to capture your wedding exactly how you will want to remember it forever. I know how hard you have worked to have your dream wedding day. You have spent your hard earned money on creating an experience that you and your guests never want to forget. You’ve spent so much time coordinating all of the perfect vendors and curating your wedding vision. That’s exactly what I want to capture! In order to do this I work diligently to communicate and get to know your priorities for the day. Whether that be wanting to capture the deep emotions of your ceremony (who doesn’t love photos of the crowd crying!) or wanting to capture the epic dance party will all of your friends. I believe in listening to your wants and needs, and delivering them.



 I’m ready for any adventure or dance party.

No seriously, I’m 33.3% avid explorer, 33.3% stay in bed and watch nexflix all day and 33.3% dance party kind of girl. What that means is that I will have a good time no matter what kind of wedding you have. Big, small, fancy venue, or in the middle of the desert. I’m ready for it.




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